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Emmy Award-winning director Eric Becker makes films that matter

Eric Becker is an Emmy Award-winning director and documentary film maker. He is interested in social justice, conservation and human rights and tries to illuminate these issues by capturing emotional connection on film. He recently visited Missoula to show his beautiful, Return to Mount Kennedy, at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. The film tracks the sons of the famed climber Jim Whittaker and the late Senator Robert Kennedy as they recreate their fathers’ historic climb of Mt. Kennedy, a remote peak in the Yukon. Eric discusses the highs and lows of a career in film, where it has taken him, and how he views his responsibility as a story teller.

Scott & Jenny Jurek on going North and all it taught them

Scott Jurek is an ultramarathon legend and arguably one of the greatest runners of all time. Mired in semi-retirement from professional racing and late career stagnation, he set his sights on the Appalachian Trail speed record in 2015. Scott and his wife Jenny approached this project as relative novices and their collaborative narrative account, North, tells the amazing story of their 46-day, 2,189-mile AT adventure. The book is about so much more than running, and in this conversation we interrogate some of those larger topics – relationships, communication, loss, triumph and community

S.E.A. Change #2: Christine Littig & Morgan Slemberger

In this second installment of the S.E.A. Change series, we catch up with two amazing women in the Missoula community. Christine Littig is a serial entrepreneur in the restaurant space, having opened the Old Post, the Red Bird and Bernice’s Bakery. Morgan Slemberger is the Associate Director of the Blackstone Lauchpad at the University of Montana and the leader of the Pursue Your Passions program. Christine serves on the board of Pursue Your Passions and in this conversation we explain that program, what it’s trying to accomplish and how we should assess its success.

Home Ground Radio’s Brian Kahn

Brian Kahn is a Montana radio legend. As host of the long-running (23 years!) and award-winning “Home Ground Radio,” Brian has interviewed hundreds of influential Montanans, asking who they are, what they think and what they are doing about it. Today we flip the mic and ask Brian about his approach to storytelling, activism, collaboration and problem solving. We also discuss his new book, “America: Rediscovering my Country,” which documents a 50-day trip across the United States aimed at exploring diversity along many dimensions. His inquisitive spirit and Montana roots teach us how community can be built and appreciated in the most, or least, diverse environments.

Featured Episodes

Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins is a reason to believe

In 1994, Wilmot Collins fled civil war in Liberia and somehow landed in Montana. Learn more about his amazing journey, his dedication to public service, and his inspiring rise to Mayor of his adopted home of Helena. Mayor Collins gives us hope that it is indeed possible to bring people together in this fraught political time.

Mark Synnott on Alex Honnold, writing, and the climbing life

Mark Synnott is a world class big wall climber whose writing has appeared in Outside, Men’s Journal and National Geographic. Mark’s new book “The Impossible Climb: Alex Honnold, El Capitan, and the climbing life,” covers his dangerously precocious introduction to climbing and the journey that led him to climb alongside Alex Honnold and document his amazing free solo of El Capitan. The book is available beginning today, wherever you buy your books.

Flipping the Mike(Foote)on Justin Angle

A New Angle celebrates its 1-year Anniversary this week with a flipped format. Friend of the Pod and professional mountain athlete Mike Foote turns the mic on Justin Angle. Tune in to hear the wacky, winding path that brought Justin to Missoula and the University of Montana, what’s on tap for year 2 of the pod, and new music from Jeff Ament and John Wicks.


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Justin Angle is Associate Professor of Marketing and the Warren and Betsy Wilcox Faculty Fellow at the University of Montana College of Business. His academic research, which focuses on branding, identity, and decision making, has been covered by media outlets such as Sports IllustratedESPNThe Washington Post, and Business Insider. Outside the classroom, Justin works as a field tester and product development consultant for Patagonia. Prior to joining academia, he worked as a bond trader and collegiate rowing coach.

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