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Threshold’s Amy Martin on the power of story

This week’s pod features one of Montana’s finest – Amy Martin, creator and host of the award-winning Threshold podcast. Threshold is deeply reported and beautifully produced by Amy and her team. Learn about Amy’s approach to story-telling and the many adventures she endured to produce Season Two’s fascinating investigation of the Arctic and climate change.

Maureen Dowd on Journalism in the Age of Trump

Our Election Day episode gets appropriately political. We visit with legendary New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd and explore her unique sensibility as a long time watch dog in Washington D.C. Maureen goes deep on the Shakespearian aspects of the Trump presidency and helps us understand the context and meaning of what’s happening in our democracy.

Butler, Welch, Tester, Gianforte, & Ward on the Value of Higher Education

This week, we explore the value of higher education. First, Associated Students of University of Montana President Alex Butler and Vice President Mariah Welch tell us about their efforts to get students engaged in the debate about funding higher education and the 6-Mill levy ballot referendum. Next, we hear from Sen. Jon Tester, Congressman Greg Gianforte, and economist Bryce Ward on the importance of higher education in creating opportunities for Montanans and the value of the 6-Mill levy.

Patagonia & Alan Adams want you to VOTE!

It’s election season and we continue this week with our series highlighting important reasons to vote. Alan Adams in the regional sales rep for Patagonia. Learn all about the path that led him to this position, his views about Patagonia’s advocacy work, and the company’s efforts to get folks to the polls. Midterms Matter!

Featured Episodes

Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament on Creativity, Hustle, and Giving Back

Jeff Ament was born in Havre and grew up in Big Sandy. His Montana roots and pride run deep and returning to his home state is a big part of what keeps him balanced. Our conversation dug into several key themes about the basis for his gritty work ethic, his creative process, and his commitment to creating opportunity for others. We also explore the magic that has kept Pearl Jam at the top of its game for over 25 years.

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About Our Host

Justin Angle is Associate Professor of Marketing and the Warren and Betsy Wilcox Faculty Fellow at the University of Montana College of Business. His academic research, which focuses on branding, identity, and decision making, has been covered by media outlets such as Sports IllustratedESPNThe Washington Post, and Business Insider. Outside the classroom, Justin works as a field tester and product development consultant for Patagonia. Prior to joining academia, he worked as a bond trader and collegiate rowing coach.

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