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Most Recent Episodes

Micah Larsen: Rogue Persuasion Scientist

Micah Larsen is a “rogue persuasion scientist” and communications consultant. Her practice, Apis Communications Science, has helped many individuals and organizations communicate more effectively. In this episode we discuss the intersection of communications and marketing, techniques you can use to be more persuasive, and ways you can detect others’ attempts to persuade you.

Kevin Keohane: branding maven and backward musician

An expert in all things brand, Kevin Keohane is Director of Brand & Talent Strategy at Partners Creative, a Missoula-based marketing and creative agency. Kevin is a published author (Brand & Talent) and the prolific guitarist and frontman for Catnyp. There is a lot to learn from Kevin in this dynamic and wide-ranging conversation. Enjoy!

Hank Donovan and the Ultimate #RattlesnakeSighting

Hank Donovan is the doer of all things at Rattlesnake Cables, Effectsbay.com and several other music-focused entrepreneurial ventures. Hank explains why good cables are a critical and often over looked investment and how he helps musicians find the sound they’re looking for. Hank is also an accomplished musician himself, playing guitar for the Magpies and touring throughout the West.

Biologist John McCutcheon finds big ideas in tiny things

University of Montana biologist John McCutcheon studies microbial genomics and symbiosis. In this week’s episode, John explains these fancy science terms and tells us why the work he and his colleagues are doing informs our basic understanding of life and evolution. Plus, he’s got some compelling things to say about being a professor.

Featured Episodes

Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament on Creativity, Hustle, and Giving Back

Jeff Ament was born in Havre and grew up in Big Sandy. His Montana roots and pride run deep and returning to his home state is a big part of what keeps him balanced. Our conversation dug into several key themes about the basis for his gritty work ethic, his creative process, and his commitment to creating opportunity for others. We also explore the magic that has kept Pearl Jam at the top of its game for over 25 years.


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Justin Angle is Associate Professor of Marketing and the Warren and Betsy Wilcox Faculty Fellow at the University of Montana College of Business. His academic research, which focuses on branding, identity, and decision making, has been covered by media outlets such as Sports IllustratedESPNThe Washington Post, and Business Insider. Outside the classroom, Justin works as a field tester and product development consultant for Patagonia. Prior to joining academia, he worked as a bond trader and collegiate rowing coach.

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