Butler, Welch, Tester, Gianforte, & Ward on the Value of Higher Education

Butler, Welch, Tester, Gianforte, & Ward on the Value of Higher Education

This week, we explore the value of higher education. First, Associated Students of University of Montana President Alex Butler and Vice President Mariah Welch tell us about their efforts to get students engaged in the debate about funding higher education and the 6-Mill levy ballot referendum. Next, we hear from Sen. Jon Tester, Congressman Greg Gianforte, and economist Bryce Ward on the importance of higher education in creating opportunities for Montanans and the value of the 6-Mill levy.

Patagonia & Alan Adams want you to VOTE!

Patagonia & Alan Adams want you to VOTE!

It’s election season and we continue this week with our series highlighting important reasons to vote. Alan Adams in the regional sales rep for Patagonia. Learn all about the path that led him to this position, his views about Patagonia’s advocacy work, and the company’s efforts to get folks to the polls. Midterms Matter!

Holly Truitt: Community Creator, Coalition Builder, and Change Maker

“You gotta get Holly Truitt on the pod!” We’ve heard this countless times since we launched the show, and we finally got her to come on. Holly is the Director of University of Montana’s Broader Impacts Group. Her work ranges from directing spectrUM, a wonderful science museum for children, to leading innovateUM, a coalition of key innovators driving the future of Western Montana’s economy. Holly is inspirational and visionary and in this conversation we explore how her unique and challenging upbringing shaped her outlook on community and how she builds strong, creative coalitions of forward-thinking problem solvers. This episode is particularly inspired! Tune in…

MoFi’s Dave Glaser on Making People “Bankable”

MoFi is a non-profit organization with a mission to “provide financing and consulting services that transform the lives of individuals and strengthen communities.” Dave Glaser is president of this important organization and chats with us about the critical catalytic roll MoFi (formerly known as Montana & Idaho Community Development Corporation)plays in the economic develop of five Northern Rockies states.

For more information on MoFi and to learn how the organization could help you, visit: mofi.org

Erin Switalski on the vital work of Women’s Voices for the Earth

Women’s Voices for the Earth is a Missoula based national non-profit organization doing big things on a national scale. The group’s aim is to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in a surprising and disturbing number of household products, particularly products used predominantly by women. We talk about WVO’s mission and strategy and how you can be more aware and get more involved

Eric Sprunk, Nike, Inc. COO, on Leadership, Opportunity and Coming Home

Eric Sprunk was the commencement speaker at this year’s University of Montana graduation ceremony. In today’s episode, we track Eric’s experience as an accounting student who graduated in from UM in 1986 though to his current position as head of Nike’s global operations. It’s an amazing story and along the way Eric has developed a powerful and inspiring set of leadership principles. He also has some important ideas about how to conceptualize and seize opportunity. Thanks for listening!