Meet the Team

Professor Doctor Justin Angle

Justin is a teacher, scholar, story-teller, athlete, husband and father. He’s executed $100 million bond trades, run 100 mile races, published in outlets like The Washington Post, and failed repeatedly to get his two daughters to bed without a battle.


Auditory Experience Manager Jeff Meese

Jeff Meese is an audio dude who produces and edits all things multimedia at the College of Business and elsewhere. He likes to twist knobs and push buttons, travel in Asia, and holds a doctorate in cord untangling.

Executive Producer Stephen Borsum

Stephen gave the title of Executive Producer to himself. He was born in Montana, and though he has never fought a bear, he’s confident it would maul him but not before he got in a good swing. Stephen is a digital marketing whiz who builds websites (like this one) and basically lives off of breakfast burritos. He also uses the computers to make noises for people’s ears, but Jeff’s better at it.

Social Media Guru Aspen Runkel

Aspen is a Montana native with small-town roots and a sincere appreciation for the Mountains, dogs, and dessert. Currently, she interns for the College of Business, helps A New Angle in her spare time, and regularly plays 1×1 shuffle board with Lebron James. She earned a Bachelor’s in Marketing and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Business Analytics.

Content Research Specialist Aidan Morton

Aidan is a freshman at the University of Montana pursuing a degree in journalism. His love for collecting sneakers and crewnecks is only topped by his love for exploring Montana, and his hometown of Bozeman. He dislikes styrofoam, the Golden State Warriors, and use of the word “hate.” From winning baked good competitions to being titled his high school’s “best dressed” he’s done it all, and assures us he hasn’t peaked. Yet.

Pod Intern Extraordinaire Max Gibson

Max is the pod’s utility player. A nature lover, with a passion for fine cheese, Max is game to try just about anything. When he’s not training salmon to fight grizzly bears, Max can be found reading Sunday comics and watching trailers on Netflix.

Alums of the pod

These members of our crew have moved on, but are still with us in spirit.

Pod Intern Extraordinaire Mason Dow

Mason is a junior at the University of Montana pursuing degrees in Marketing, International Business and Climate Change Studies. He enjoys struggling up dry rocks and falling down snowy mountains in his free time.

Audience Growth Maverick Ellie Hanousek

Ellie is a senior studying Digital Marketing at the University of Montana. She hails from Boise, Idaho, and spends her free time catching trout in mid-air, traversing dangerous peaks and sliding back down them on skis. Her digital skills are currently focusing on helping A New Angle reach new levels of audience growth.

Comms Czar Elizabeth Willy

Guiding the podcast on its pursuit of professionalism, Elizabeth is kind of like a translator — she takes complicated stuff happening at the university and distills it for everyone to understand. She’s also a word geek who’s into crossword puzzles and riding bikes on dirt.