Studio 49

The lab is split into two areas, one dedicated to audio and another to video. Known as “Studio 49,” the audio recording space is a gift from Loren to Michele for their 49th wedding anniversary. Studio 49 includes sound dampening panels and glass and will be the home of A New Angle podcast.   The lab also includes an area dedicated to video that offers multiple backdrop options and lighting solutions for creating professional-grade recordings. A simple interface will allow faculty to easily record presentations for classes or other purposes. Western and modern art fans, the Hansens also donated a painting by Impressionist artist Robert Krogle that hangs in the new studio. Fittingly, the painting depicts two grizzly bears interacting and is called “Communication.”

The Loren and Michele Hansen Media Lab was made possible by a generous gift from UM alumni Loren Hansen, a 1969 business graduate, and Michele Hansen, who earned political science and history degrees in 1970. The Havre natives have spent the last several decades pursuing real estate investments around Long Beach, Calif., where they spent their careers after graduating from UM.